Ah, life's most embarrassing moments. You know we all have 'em. Lucky for us, I caught some of 'em on film. >:)

Ever hear of an idea hitting you like a ton of bricks?

Wufei doing a Mouseketeer routine

Relena "sama" - I wonder what her fan girls would have to say about this?

Scary, man, just... scary. What would the docs do if all us Gundam pilots quit?

I can't believe he won the pageant...

Zechs having a Saturday Night Fever flashback

Quatre never knew...

Heero in a Bunny suit...

And just in case you were thinking he'd never fall for the same gag twice, here he is a second time! :D

Wufei is just... scary sometimes.

But not as scary as Heero!

Don't ask. I don't know.

What happens when you mock the Reaper.

Treize... Ok, this one would be great blackmail material...

Treize again. What his sweetheart didn't know...

Heero looking disturbingly domestic

That's "Dr. Heero" to you.

When Heero gets a cold, it's a doozy!

Same as above, in color

yaoi fans - it's just what it looks like. non-yaoi fans - I'm giving him pointers.

See above comment

Heero thought nobody knew about his moonlighting at Chippendale's...

Heero and the Seven-Year Itch...

Don't ask where he got the hickeys from. That's more blackmail material. >:D

The "Just Love" series - what really happened with Relena on that safari photo-shoot?
part one part two part three part four

Heero loves his self-destruct button a little too much...

When Dr.J tells you you have to attend a "make up class," run away. Fast.

A Milk Ad using the Heero-in-a-bunny-suit picture. This is a wallpaper. :D

When Heero dances, it's just scary.

Print out a Heero paper doll of your own!

Even the Queen of the World has to watch where she steps...

The undignified follow-up to the previous picture

How did this picture get in here?

Wu-chan is sure pretty in pink... *snicker*

They say "die young, leave a pretty corpse," but I think Heero misunderstood...

Quatre when he was going through his "Sailor Moon" phase...

Treize Khushrenada, Lounge Lizard Extraordinnaire!

What happens when Catherine gets sweaty palms

If you've ever wondered about Wufei's hair...

Trowa's hair is a lethal weapon!

Trowa... this one is just disturbing. Another good one for blackmail. >:D

Heero voluntarily in a dress - I think he misunderstood the mission parameters.

Proof that Treize Khushrenada is the Prince of Darkness - he has fangs!

Another pic of Treize with fangs!

The real truth about Wufei's hair...

Zechs contemplating a change in hairstyle?

The very idea is shocking!

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