There is only one planet in the solar system inhabited by life, the Earth. ...A.C. 195. With the development of colonies, human beings have used the new resources and their own strength to create new lands. However, at most, they are poor imitations of their mother, the Earth. What meaning was there in building the colonies? How about just to further develop technology so that on the Earth, human beings would lead more comfortable lives? Aren't humans living in these imitations of Earth holding on to impossible hopes? With no threats from nature, their lives became more stable than those of people on Earth. Endless expansion seemed to promise eternal existence for humans. Wasn't there an age when it was unforgivable to think of life starting from zero in the universe? But there is no way that the colonies, no, that human beings, could forget the Earth. What has the technology for the development of colonies done for the Earth? The most pursued advances on the Earth are those resulting in military strength. Humans have never been able to break away from their habits of destruction. Now the colonies are studying war technology. They can't forget the Earth. They cannot forget the past. Human beings, those animals that came to possess so much strength, began to think about controlling a whole planet. The existence of life on a planet is after all only a matter of accidental chance. Humans can think all they want, but they can't change anything. The time humans have spent in space has been wasted. It has all been nothing but a dream. The lie of our artificial living space, and the lie of pacifism, do nothing but give birth to more fighting than ever before. War claims many lives, and human beings have never forgotten that sorrow, yet they never try to give up fighting. The blood and tears are spilled, to be considered nothing more than decorations for some ceremony. The history of many ages is told through its wars. Saying we fight for peace is a pretty lie that has been repeated over and over in the past. The colonies are no different from the Earth that builds up military strength to preserve peace. They are the same. We live, and rise up, through the spilling of blood...

Site Owner's note: Heero delivers this speech in Episode 18 of Gundam Wing.

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