Trowa Barton

Where in the Universe
is Trowa Barton?

Trowa Barton... International Man of Mystery. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? ^_^v I've often wondered about Trowa... who he is, really, and what he does in his spare time... so, I figured, there wouldn't be much harm in having a few of my associates follow him. Just to check up on him, you know.

I know what you're going to say... you're thinking I'm as scary about Trowa as Relena is about Heero. It's not true, though! Honest! After all, you're not going to see me standing on a cliff yelling, "TROOOOWAAAAA! COME KILL ME NOW!!!" ^_~

Anyway, if you're as curious as I am about what Trowa's been up to, this is the place to be! ^_^v

The Trowa Files

In November of last year, Trowa was spotted in Florida. I'm sure that, in spite of the incriminating evidence of this photograph, Trowa wasn't really punching out chads...

In March, our correspondent spotted Trowa visiting the Sphinx. There was a rumor that a green-eyed man had chipped the Sphinx's nose off, but we all know that was really the Turks, centuries ago. Right? On the other hand...

Trowa auditioned for a role in The Phantom of the Opera, but unfortunately they didn't think his mask went well with the production.

Trowa was recently spotted with a tour group visiting the Eiffel Tower. He seems to be getting along well with the other tourists. ^_^v

Uh-oh... Trowa seems to have spotted our intrepid photographer taking a snapshot at the Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately, the camera was destroyed before we could find out what kind of doughnut Trowa prefers. :(