Heero Paper Doll!

Isn't he adorable? Trust my dear friend Tzigane to unearth the most utterly *cute* Chocolate Devil paper dolls! All the artwork here--from doll body to clothes--comes straight out of a Chocolate Devil doujinshi. I hope you'll have fun dressing up Heero's adorable little paper-doll self! And pay no mind to the death threats; he says that to *everyone* who laughs at the nekkid chibi picture. ;)

Many thanks to Kat Reitz for all of her hard work on the Javascript.

Disclaimer--Heero Yuy character and design Bandai, Sunrise, Sotsu.
All clothing & doll Chocolate Devil
No disrespect whatsoever is intended toward the creators and rightful owners,
nor is this fan site to be misconstrued as any claim to copyright of character,
character design or artwork which was not created by me.

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