Yes, this really is Heero's idea of a fun time! :D

Fun Stuff!

What kind of love match would you be for Heero? Click here to take the second of Heero's quizzes and find out!

Do you have a burning question to which you need to know the answer? Just ask Rashid!

Want to send secure messages like the Gundam pilots do? Use our message decoder!

What kind of Gundam pilot would you be? Click here to take the first of Heero's quizzes and find out!

We have a new Poll - Heero's Future ! What do you think would be the best career choice for the Perfect Soldier after the war's over? ^_^v Vote for one of our choices, or add one of your own! ^_^

We have some new games at Heero's Computer Games, check 'em out if you have the time! ^_^ Heero has hand-picked some of his favorite Java-scripted computer games. See how you do! ^_^

The first "Heero's Love Interests" Poll is concluded! ^_^ Many thanks to Moonshadow D'tarth for keeping track of the winners and notifying me! ^_^ The results of the poll will be listed among Heero's Top Tens. Feeling let down because all the fun's over? Fear not! ^_~ I'm running two new "Love Interests" polls now - one for the men of Gundam Wing only and one for the women of Gundam Wing only. :) Feel free to vote as much as you like! ^_^v

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