Heero's Computer Goodies!

Sound Files

"One more to go!" In this sample, we get to hear Heero laughing like a demented maniac, in his first battle with Oz. He's just blown some of the enemy to bits, and... well... just listen. ^_~

"Did you see it?" Heero's first words to Relena, as he's holding up a hand to try to cover his face.

"Heero Yuy desu. Yoroshiku." (Pleased to meet you) Heero sounds just thrilled to be meeting a new bunch of classmates, doesn't he?

"Omae o korosu" (I'm going to kill you) Heero's response to Relena's party invitation - gotta love it! :D You'll notice that this .wav file includes Heero's orcestra backup - we felt that it gives the line much more "oomph!"

"No problem." The Perfect Soldier is falsifying the the school's files. ^_~ You'll hear him say "Clear" several times, as he's busily eliminating any obstacles with his computer, and then "no problem" as he's finished. We just love the way he says "no problem." ^_^v

Heero looks so happy, doesn't he? :D  But it seemed to us that this was a perfect picture for the Sounds page! ^_^v

Desktop Wallpapers

Xandrina has graciously consented to let us host her Heero-centered wallpapers! They're gorgeous (well, they do have Heero in them, after all ^_~), and we're honored to host them here at Heero.Nu!

Baby Blocks

Blue Light Special

Behind the Wall

Heero and Duo

Wild Wing Boys

Just Love

Love all Around

Heero loves playing with computers! ^_^v
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