Ahoy, there! ^_^ I didn't realize at the time that I started thinking of captions that there was already a MASSIVE captions page at Wild Wing! Please visit Wild Wing's Captions page for tons more (and better) captions. *^_^*

Boy, now here's an unusual sight! Heero, at the computer! ^_^

Nothing beats that Windex shine!

"Clear... clear... no problem!"

The Amazing Spider-Heero (or, Heero's Method of Hitchiking; Don't Try This At Home, Kids!)

Need coffee...

Really, REALLY need coffee...

Heero's into bondage??? O.O;;

Relena's been stalking Heero again...

When Heero's smiling, you know something just got blown to smithereens. ^_~

Heero knows a magic trick! In the blink of an eye, he can make Noin disappear, and change his and Trowa's clothing!

Presto change-o! Aren't you impressed? Now if only he could figure out how to pull a Gundam out of a hat... ^_~

Trowa has blown up like a balloon... :D

Heero and Trowa looking at one another

Zechs: o/`Short people got, no reason...o/` Heero: Omae o korosu!

Yes, Heero is truly a GIANT among his peers! :D

Duo's looking a little chubby! :D And check out the show-Maguanac in the background! :D

No clever caption; just a beautiful picture of our Heero after riding off into the sunset at the end of Endless Waltz. ^_^

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