I do believe we've seen one spaghetti Western too many...

Hee-chan's just a tad over-dressed for the beach. ^_~

"I have this incredible itch. Do you think you could....?"

Heero's sporting his "Trowa look," but thought a lighter-colored turtleneck would be better. ^_~

One wonders how they managed to get these two dressed in ruffles... ^_~

And that was when Epyon showed Heero that he really *was* Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Ok, so he kind of looks like a theater attendant in the OZ uniform. ^_~

Omae o korosu!

"Why, yes, I am a swinger! Fred and Daphne? They're great friends!"

Bad hair!

Bad, bad hair!!

The spandex is seriously riding up today...

Heero... stole Treize's jacket?

Oi, oi. The funny-looking school uniforms...

The many faces of Heero Yuy...

Oooo, sexy with the roses, Hee-chan.

Traditional robes for Heero and Relena @.@

Japanese school uniforms and cherry blossoms ^_^

Heero... the plaid shirt has *got* to go, man...

Heero & Duo in London ^_^

Basketball outfits ^_^

The standard "Heero Yuy" look. Gotta love it. ^_~

Heero's red riding suit - he does this classical look justice. ^_~ Not to mention the fairy-tale parody idea that it provokes... ^_~

A very sexy sort of icy-glare-of-death thing on Heero's part, as he models the latest in flight suits. ^_~

Nothing but the finest of winter fashions for Heero and Trowa...

And what fashion show would be complete without swimwear?

Heero sports a casual ensemble in this picture, complete with skateboard. ^_~

Our lovely model strikes a pose in a breezy yellow shirt. ^_~

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