Duo Maxwell
Trowa Barton
Quatre Raberba Winner
Chang Wufei
Zechs Marquise/Milliard Peacecraft
Treize Khushrenada
Dr. J

Who Does Heero Love?

Ok, so it all boils down to pure fan speculation as to whether Heero would ever get romantically involved with anyone. Certainly there is no indication of any romantic relationship for him in either the series or Endless Waltz - though there are some subtle little implications that Heero might one day pair up with one of these people, just enough of a hint to keep the fans happy. ^_~

So who do you think Heero should be paired up with?

Heero with flowers
Relena Peacecraft
Dorothy Catalonia
Sally Po
Lucrezia Noin
Lady Une/Saint Anne
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