Question: Why is 6x1/1x6 your first featured pairing, if you say you're not favoring yaoi over non-yaoi?
Answer: Someone had to be first, and it's a pairing of interest to the site owner at the moment, as well as being under-represented in GW fandom. :) Fear not, the featured pairing for January-June 2005 will be a non-yaoi pairing--also one that has been woefully under-represented. :) We're looking forward to that, too! :)

Question: Why don't Wufei and Trowa have their own sections?
Answer: They didn't ask. You can see plenty of Trowa on Quatre's page, and there's more than enough Wufei on the web at Tzigane's (not so) Itsy-Bitsy Wufei Shrine (coming soon to Tzigane's Dabbles).

Question: Do you ever change your Spandex?
Answer: I go through Spandex at a pretty fast rate, so yes. I change very often. It's just that I got a great bargain on black Spandex biking shorts, so I have a huge stockpile of the things. Eventually, I'll work my way through the pile, and then I'll have to go clothes shopping again.

Question: Why do you have so much yaoi (or why do you have so much non-yaoi) on your site?
Answer: Actually, we don't. We've made a conscious effort *not* to make any solid statements one way or the other on the yaoi issue, and we've tried very hard to provide fun stuff for both sides. You won't find any "One True Pairing" statements on this site, unless it's a facetious remark about Heero and his laptop. :D

Question: Can I use your images? I promise I'll link to you.
Answer: No, we'd rather you didn't get the images from us/link to us. If you look on the main page for the image galleries, you'll see that we give credit to the sites that let us use their pictures. We'd much rather you gave them the credit they deserve. If it's a dead link... then yeah, we guess it's Ok to link here instead.

Question: Why do you spell your name "Heero" and not "Hiro" or "Hiiro," which would be more correct Japanese?
Answer: I spell it "Heero" because that's how it's spelled. If you look at the Gundam Wing merchandise, you'll see that that's how I've always spelled my name.

Question: Why don't you kill Relena?
Answer: Because she's important to the peace effort in her own way.

Question: Why do they call you the "Perfect Soldier?"
Answer: The "Pretty-Good Soldier" and the "Better-than-a-Finger-in-the-Eye Soldier" didn't have the same ring to them.

Do you have a question for the Pretty-Good Soldier? Please feel free to ask Heero. ^_^v

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