These are just a bunch of silliness, which we hope you'll find amusing. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for Top Ten lists you'd like to see, or if you'd like to write a Top Ten list. ^_^ We'll add to the Top Ten lists just as soon as we can.

Heero's Top Ten Love Interests!

These are the results of our first poll on Heero's Love Interests:

10. Dorothy Catalonia
9. Lt. Une/Lady Anne
8. Chang Wufei
7. Relena Dorlian/Peacecraft
6. Nobody
5. Duo Maxwell
4. Quatre Raberba Winner
3. Zechs Marquise/Mirialdo Peacecraft
2. Trowa Barton
1. Treize Khushrenada!

Heero's Top Ten Favorite Pastimes!

10. Plotting the perfect murder.
9. Souping up his Gundam (especially if that involves pirating parts from other Gundams).
8. Playing "stuff the Spandex" - you'd be amazed how many weapons those shorts can hold!
7. Practicing his Death Glare (TM).
6. Working out.
5. Planning the demolition of whatever school he's attending.
4. Hacking into OZ databases.
3. Hacking into school databases.
2. Hacking just for the fun of it.
1. Issuing Death Threats(TM)!

Heero's Top Ten Favorite Things!

10. Quatre, Duo and Relena... well, he doesn't kill them.
9. His comb - he loves it so much, he doesn't want to risk damaging it by using it.
8. The thrill of blowing the enemy to smithereens - gives him the giggles.
7. Anything that explodes with a satisfying boom.
6. Ambulances - all the fun of flashing lights and howling sirens combined with the practicality of transportation.
5. His Spandex shorts - whenever you see him wearing something else, we bet the shorts are on underneath.
4. His gun - it magically appears from nowhere. What's not to love?
3. His laptop - a terrorist's best friend.
2. His Gundam, especially the self-destruct button.

And Heero's number one Favorite Thing...
1. Completing a mission - there is no greater natural high!

Heero's Top Ten Least Favorite Things!

10. Quatre, Relena and Duo - he doesn't kill them, but he threatens to!
9. His comb - what could be more useless?
8. Small talk.
7. Morning people, especially when they tell him "Smile!"
6. Fan girls - sometimes a guy just wants to play ball without any pressure.
5. Parachutes - who needs 'em?
4. Any situation that involves him wearing something other than Spandex shorts.
3. The self-destruct button - it never works well enough for him.
2. Birthday party invitations - he has a pathological hatred of them.

And Heero's number one Least Favorite Thing...
1. Mission failure! The horror! The horror!

Heero's Top Ten Shining Moments!

10. Fixing his own broken leg!
9. Battling Zechs - unbending honor meets indomitable will.
8. Waking up in Trowa's trailer - even after the self-destruction and a month in a coma, he still has the shorts!
7. Stealing Deathscythe parts - who'd have thought he had a sense of humor?
6. The last episode of the series - you know what we mean!
5. Breaking Duo out of prison - he bends steel bars with his bare hands! Someone's been reading Superman comics online!
4. His first battle with Oz, when he gets seriously, disturbingly tickled!
3. Lying on the grass in Endless Waltz!
2. The self-destruct scene!

And Heero's number one Shining Moment...
1. Tearing up the party invitation, and our first time hearing him say "Omae o korosu!"

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