What's .Nu?


Yes, I know. I've been a lazy slug in the Heero.Nu department lately. However, there's still hope for Heero! Recent updates include changes to the FAQ page and a brand-new fanfic/fanart contest for our current featured pairing!


Well, due to a crash at Crosswinds that involved total loss of all data associated with my web pages, Heero.Nu ended up moving to a new server a lot faster than planned! I've been working hard this evening, and I think I've eliminated all the bad image references and dead links (except for dead links to image galleries that contributed to Heero's collection, but since we're still grateful, they're still in the list of people/sites we thank ^_~). If you spot any dead links or red-x'ed pictures elsewhere on the site, please let us know! :)


I've been going through the site and updating just about everything I see--fixed up the Paper Doll page, and Heero's Fanfic Challenge. :) I've also been working on splash-page images; eventually I'd like to have a different splash page for each month. ^_^v


The problem with keeping an updates page is remembering to update it. :) Spent a good deal of time today going through Heero's guestbook and replying to all the very kind comments he's received. :) Also, did some preliminary graphics work for when Heero.Nu switches over to its own server--hopefully soon. :)


Added a FAQ page to the Ninmu section, for those who want answers to some frequently (or not-so-frequently) asked questions. :)

Love this picture of Heero - he looks like he's got a mission on his mind, ne?
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