Quatre's Opinions on the Importance of Netiquette

Well.... um. I've never done one of these before. *^_^* So please bear with me, Ok? *^_^*

Netiquette is basically etiquette for the Internet community. I think it's very important because we should all get along, and etiquette is all about smoothing away the rough edges of human interaction. ^_^v It's just like being sure you don't put your feet up on someone's coffee table, or get drunk at a formal dinner, or blow bubbles in your tea while Rashid is watching you.

I hope you agree with me that etiquette and Netiquette are important things; after all, we all want to get along, right? ^_^ Thank you for reading this, and please be sure to mind your manners. ^_^v

-Quatre Raberba Winner

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